Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Triangle: The Fire that Changed America may or may not be worth the time. My used copy was not worth MY time because the unscrupulous person who sold it as "like new" neglected to mention all the underlining and margin notes she scrawled all through the book in purple, green, and blue ink.

As I mentioned to a book group, "I think the feeling that the previous owner sloppily defaced the book, like book graffiti, drives me crazy.The ink color drives me crazy. The sloppy underling drives me crazy. The dumb boxes she put around certain words drive me crazy. Her insipid, stupid margin notes drive me crazy. (Most of these margin notes are worthless. They offer no special insight into anything. It's like she made them just to be writing them 'cus it made her look smart.) The sloppy way some of her notes went over the text drive me crazy. "

By the way, her name is Liz. She had the author, David Von Drehle sign the book to her. She apparently was reading it for a MA Lit class. I bet, based on her margin notes, she failed the class. She probably took the money she made selling the book and invested it in more cute colored gel pens.


Anonymous said...

i. just. hurt. something.


Anonymous said...

OH GOOD GRIEF and it says "I'm the Hottie"
i hate it when Craig messes with my g-mail settings
**more giggles**