Thursday, February 15, 2007

wing situation

The wing situation at our home has gotten a bit out of control.

This love of chicken wings is very recent.  Now apparently, we need to have wings any time there is an event.

I'm not talking about an event like having guests over. I'm talking about our families TV show line up. We have to scramble to get wings ready to be consumed while the TV show is on. The sad thing is that it started with one show (24), has expanded to two shows (24, Lost), and I know that soon it will blossom to three times a week (24, Lost, Amazing Race). Although it's nice that we can all watch the same TV shows together as a family, that doesn't exactly a party make. It's also not that wings are an unhealthy snack, but they aren't exactly the cheapest snacking obsession to latch on to.

Now my family is treating a favorite TV show like it's time to open the all night buffet full of endless choices. You should understand the problems this can create in my family. Suddenly dinner must be something light because it's 24 night and you know that means it's time to break out the cheese, crackers, ice cream, chips, chicken tenders, and, naturally, wings. This is troubling. It may be time to make some snacking rules before putting into place a ban on all snacking while watching TV.

Our snacking rules could be:
1. If you must snack, you must vary your snacking choices over a week. So for example, you could have cheese one night, fruit the second, and wings the third night. No repeat of any one item during the week.
2. No multiple items. You may not have "just a couple wings" along with your cheese.
3. Dinner must be eaten and you should not save room for snacks. If you are full after dinner, you are full and do not need snacks.
4. A special two hour show does not mean you need to have snacks for two hours.
5. No more than 1 (one) bag of wings will be purchased per month. This would be the big bag from Sam's, so no pouting that it is not enough wings.

These rules may have to be added to, but it's a start.


just me said...

I still remember that fateful day when he picked up his very first bag of wings. He knew he wanted them, but he hesitated. "Hot n' spicy or tequila lime? . . . Tequila lime it is!"

Lori L said...

That would have been his third (3rd) bag of wings, grasshopper. His first New Year's Eve bag was a small bag of hot and spicy from the closest grocery store. His second was a small bag of honey BBQ, also from the nearby store. His third was the tequila lime from Sam's. He is now on his second bag of tequila lime wings from Sam's. Yes, it is THAT bad.