Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blast from the Past

My mother recently came across a note I left at my parent's home when I was in college and had stopped in there during the day - apparently to do laundry. She asked that I share this with Hipee (my sister the high powered executive) but I thought I would share it with all of you at the same time:
(Last Name)'s:

I have just a small list of things that could use some improvement around here:

1. Please teach the small white attack dog to not intimidate members of your immediate family. (Have you ever tried to carry a basket of dirty clothes and outrun a dog?)

2. I think it would be appropriate to clean the breakfast things off the table. (When you're chasing a small white attack dog through the house it is a gruesome sight to run into.)

3. Towels in a bathroom would be a wise touch. (Have you ever taken a shower and had to run through the house naked - excluding Mom Last Name - trying to find a towel?)

4. Toilet paper would also cut down on some of the unexpected and unwanted surprises around here. (This goes without explanation - especially when trying to wash clothes.)

5. For a final note, I don't think the bathroom sink is the place to leave 30 pairs of underwear soaking. (It is a good thing to have clean underwear but I think it would be more appropriate to soak that many pairs in a washer or at least a large tub. It is quite the eye sore for a guest to spy.)

Well I hope now that you can remedy these situations before I visit again.

- The small white attack dog was a sweet, friendly little dog that maybe weighed 10 lbs soaking wet.
- The disclaimer that exempted our Mom from the running naked through the house question was because Mom had a habit of taking a bath and then yelling "Nobody Look!" as she ran the 4 steps from the bathroom to the bedroom. True. We all sort of got used to it. And yes, she always had a towel wrapped around her.
- Mom had apparently wanted to make it clear that there were only 3 pairs of underwear soaking in the sink. She has actually written above my "30 pairs" that there were "really only 3".


raidergirl3 said...

'nobody look!' is hilarious, and that she got an exemption. Too funny!
(and disturbingly, it sounds familiar.)

Lori L said...

Bahahaha! I can't believe someone else had a "nobody look" mom! I think the next time I'm visiting my parents I'm going to yell that out of the bathroom door. Only my parents and siblings will get the joke. The spouses and children and going to look very confused.

Heidenkind said...

Ah, family. <3 I remember one time I visited home for the weekend during college, and my dad and little brother had been using the bathroom without any working lightbulbs (?), or toilet paper, which was kind of weird.

Lori L said...

LOL! I guess they were too busy to get a light bulb or TP into the bathroom, huh?
I especially enjoy that I was leaving them this list of things that needed improvement when I was there to do laundry (and shower???) during what was likely a weekday and they were all at work or school. LOL!

Jane said...