Saturday, October 24, 2009

Movie Dude Weekend: slug edition

Three movies last night from the Nightmare Worlds 50 movie pack:

Maciste in Hell, 1925, silent movie
star: Bartolomeo Pagano

The Fury of the Wolfman, 1972
star: Paul Naschy

They, 1974
star: Paul Bentzen

Movie Dude: It always feels better to blame somebody.

Wonder Boy: Only short term Long term it leads to a hollow and meaningless existence.

Inevitably, as we watched our movies and talked, the conversation last night turned to slugs and keeping slugs as pets. Just Me and Movie Dude had to have a frank discussions with me about the mating habits of slugs.
Just Me: "That's all the slugs did for fun."
She found a video online from The Discovery Channel's Animal Planet to show me. The video had a warning about the disturbing contents. I should have heeded the warning... The video narration ended with the observation, "Nature's most gymnastic lovers have earned their rest."

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