Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Review Cliche Bingo!

Michelle Kerns has a hilarious article:
Book Review Bingo: More book review cliche fun than you can shake a riveting, unputdownable stick at. Michelle writes:
"What's the point of identifying the top 20 most annoying book reviewer clichés unless you can have a bit o' fun with them?
"Keeping a running tally as you read through the week's reviews/book jackets/gushing publicity sheets of the number of times books are referred to as a "tour de force" or "compelling" or "readable" (shudder) is certainly one source of amusement. It's a well that just won't run dry.
"Playing Bingo with those clichés, however, ups the ante into realms of, hithero, untrod delight.
"Just because I'm a sucker for you guys, I've taken all the work out of it: you'll find, below, eight Bingo cards specially designed for the cliché-intolerant among us. I even gave you a freebie -- see the middle square? It's the "Cliché -free" zone."

Go visit Michelle today and let's play Bingo!
(No fair playing with any of my reviews, though...)

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