Saturday, March 6, 2010

Movie Dude Weekend: Memorial and 2012

The first thing we did for Movie Dude weekend was watch two DVD's of pictures that were shown at my brother-in-law's funeral. They were both wonderful tributes and we will cherish the pictures for years to come.

Next was the movies. You had to know we'd be watching 2012.


Director: Roland Emmerich

Cast: John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton

"Disaster movie maven Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic sci-fi thriller following the prophecy stated by the ancient Mayan calendar, which says that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012. When a global cataclysm thrusts the world into chaos, divorced writer and father Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) joins the race to ensure that humankind is not completely wiped out."

I really enjoyed 2012. The special effects were great. There was plenty of action and suspense. Movie Dude commented several times that the action and special effects were beyond belief, which, yeah, is true. But, for me, when I watch an end of the world thriller I want it to go beyond what I can imagine - and I can imagine pretty darn bad.

Movie Dude and Just me were pretty chatty all through the movie... until Movie Dude fell alseep. Don't ask me how he could fall asleep. It is an intense movie. Just Me threw a coaster at him to wake him up. I'm kind of looking forward to watching 2012 again, with Wonder Boy. He won't talk during the movie.

All the Kind Strangers (1974)

tor: Burt Kennedy

Cast: St
acy Keach, Samantha Eggar, John Savage, Robby Benson, Arlene Farber

"Samantha Eggar and Stacy Keach play motorists held prisoner by a family of seven sweet-faced yo
ung orphans and their savage guard dogs. The children only want a mother and father but are willing to kill anyone who rejects them. Jon Savage co-stars with Robby Benson, who sang the theme song. All the Kind Strangers was initially telecast November 12, 1974. "

I remember watching this on TV when it first came out. It didn't seem quite as creepy now as it did then. Of course, I might have been distracted because there was a lot going on during the movie.

Just Me and Movie Dude had pulled out Just Me's netbook and were checking out online videos. This is one of their new past times for movie night - that and flipping through all the TV music stations. If it's not toddler tunes, it's chilled out vibes. They both found their favorite song for the evening - Rockin' the Beer Gut.

While watching a My Little Pony video, we saw one of the cute little ponies lick another one.
Movie Dude: Look! They're mating!
Just Me: They are not. This is not My Little Pony XXX!
Movie Dude: Let's Search for that!
Just Me: No. You're sick.

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