Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Sanctuary by G. Michael Hopf
Penguin Group: 5/27/2014
ebook, 368 pages 
ISBN-13: 9780142181515
The New World Series #3

Surviving the attack proved to be more than they could have imagined…

Months after a super-EMP attack devastated the United States, the country is now unrecognizable. Major cities are run by gangs, survivors are dying of starvation and the government is falling victim to lawlessness. Those who were prepared for the end find that they weren’t really prepared at all.

While some seek vengeance for their losses, others are determined to restore the nation. Gordon, Samantha, Sebastian, Barone, Connor and Pablo are all on different paths, but they are all in search of a home away from chaos. They are all in search of a sanctuary.

My Thoughts:

Sanctuary by G. Michael Hopf is a recommended third book in the survivalist New World Series.

Continuing the story found in the previous two books in the series, The End and The Long Road, Sanctuary is actually a bit of a surprise. I still agree with my original assessment that it is sheer mindless escapism with a shoot-em-all-up plot but, overall, this third book was a little better than the first two for me. But, let's be honest,  if you are reading this series you know you'll be moving on to the third book anyway. Oh, and this is definitely a  third book in a series that is open-ended, so consider yourself forewarned: do not expect any plot resolution. It is still post-apocalypic fiction, sans zombies, with tough men and women,  ongoing gun battles and lots of violence and action. 

Recurring characters are back and stories are continued. I don't want to give away too much information since you will likely want to start with The End and The Long Road, before moving on to Sanctuary.
The writing was actually a smidgen better this time around, or perhaps I wasn't paying as much attention to those details because I was not expecting great literature. (I know I was trying hard to ignore the mention of any binos, so if they pulled them out, I'm in denial.) All of these books are an easy read. You'll be racing through the plot without a lot of circumspect thought or self-analysis, following the action.

Disclosure: I received an advanced reading copy of this book from the publisher and TLC for review purposes.

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I'm happy to see that you enjoyed this book more than the previous two! Thanks for being on the tour.