Friday, June 19, 2015

Fixed in Blood

Fixed in Blood by T. E. Woods
Random House: 6/16/2015
eBook review copy, 310 pages
ISBN-13: 9781101886564

My Thoughts:

Fixed in Blood by T. E. Woods is a very highly recommended 4th book in the Justice series.

Mort Grant, Chief of Detectives, is on the case when a young woman is found dead in Seattle and discovered to be the victim of a sick individual making a snuff film. When a second young woman is found dead and it is determined that her murder was also filmed, there is an obvious connection between the two women. The two victims are connected to a chain of payday loan shops called Rite Now.

Psychologist Lydia Corriger, the Fixer, has seen two patients with connections to Rite Now loans, so, naturally, her path crosses Mort's during his investigation. Mort and Lydia still have unresolved issues from when she tried to protect Allie, Mort's daughter. Can they set their issues aside and work together to solve the brutal murders? And is it time for The Fixer to return to work and make things right? What about Mort's daughter, Allie? Could she be involved?

Fixed in Blood continues the well written, fast-paced series by
T. E. Woods. Woods keeps the tension high as she slowly reveals more clues uncovered by the investigation. I was going to rate this fourth book four stars, because I think readers new to the series and the characters really need to read the previous books for more background, but
Fixed in Blood is just too good to dock it a star. The investigation has plenty of false leads and the twist in this one is a huge surprise. The Fixer/Mort Grant series is one of my favorites. This would be a stuck over night at the airport book.

Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of Random House for review purposes.

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