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Ambition Monster: A Memoir

Ambition Monster: A Memoir by Jennifer Romolini
6/4/24; 304 pages

Ambition Monster: A Memoir by Jennifer Romolini is a recommended memoir for a select group of readers, especially those who are interested in a detailed, very personal autobiography of the early life and the working marathon taken on the road to success by a now burnt-out professional who had to leave their corporate jobs for their health.

The early life of Romolini most certainly impacted her adult life and that trauma had to leave scars that will need to be dealt with eventually. She shares the early memories she has and then goes on to share lots of other memories of working serving jobs, etc. on her way to try and make a living and a name for herself. This track follows her workaholism on her way to having a high-profile job and success. 

As you're reading her life story you instinctively know that something has to break because of the focus of the narrative. Her personal life is not as successful as her work life, even early on when she is doing the working class jobs. The crux of the memoir is sharing all the self-destructive decisions she has made over the years. She is incredibly honest and this can be mind numbing. It will also leave you wanting to talk some sense into her.

Honestly, there were parts where I appreciated her blunt honesty but there were also times I wish she were more focused on the whole rather than the little details. It is also, quite frankly, depressing because she is unhappy much of the time. I kept thinking of the old song admonishing you to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Thanks to Atria for providing me with an advance reader's copy via Edelweiss. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.


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