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Death Behind Every Door

Death Behind Every Door by Heather Graham
5/21/24; 336 pages
MIRA Books
The Blackbird Flies #1

Death Behind Every Door by Heather Graham is a recommended paranormal procedural following the European group of FBI agents from the special Krewe of Hunters group.

FBI special agent Luke Kendrick discovers evidence at a crime scene in London that members/acolytes of the H. H. Holmes Society are active in Great Britain. (Holmes, aka Herman Mudgett, was America's first serial killer from the eighteenth-century.)  It seems that the network of killers are active in Scotland where Luke quickly travels to join Special Agent Carly MacDonald to investigate Graystone Castle. Now a B and B, it seems that several guests have been disappearing after staying at the castle. Luke and Carly quickly solve this outbreak and move on to others.

This novel rushes from one investigation to another where they quickly catch the guilty, pass them on to local authorities, and run off to the next suspected location with barely time to inhale between scenes. The investigations are not very nuanced with careful research, planning, and field work as one would find in most procedurals. Once the guilty are caught, the two gallop off to the next suspected area of activity.

There is plenty of talk about historical events in Scotland, which was interesting, and several ghost who help them in their stings, which wasn't so interesting and actually a minus for me. Grahams Krewe of Hunters series, which this is a spin off from, is not something that I've been following so this novel does just jump into action assuming the reader has background from the original series.

The characters are rather lightly developed. The romance between them seemed rather hasty and pointless. Personally, I would have preferred the professionals, you know, act professionally. The one thing this has going for it is that the entertainment and action moves quickly for those who just want to get to the arrests/captures quickly. Thanks to MIRA Books for providing me with an advance reader's copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.

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