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Dad Camp

Dad Camp by Evan S. Porter
6/11/24; 368 pages

Dad Camp by Evan S. Porter is a heartwarming, sweet, funny, light family drama. It is highly recommended.

With his daughter Avery turning 11, John feels her pulling away as she enters her preteen years so he decides to sign them up for a "father-daughter week" at a summer camp. He doesn't tell her about it until the last minute, which only results in her pulling away from him more. Avery has been the focus of John's life since she was born and the two have always spent a great deal of time together. John doesn't want to lose his daughter and feels the camp can strengthen their bond again. Once they arrive that camp is less than John thought it would be. It's run-down, the director doesn't like him, the other dads all seem very different, and the activities aren't what he thought they'd be. 

What follows is a light drama. It is emotional, funny, and, entertaining. It can be predictable at times but it does succeed in entertaining you with a few light-dramatic events along the way. The plot is pretty simple, which also makes this a comfortable read. While Johns actions are not always entirely logical, that he has good intentions is never in doubt. The characters are all caricatures of different types of fathers and daughters, although the focus of the novel is really the fathers.

This is an appealing novel to read when you simply want to be entertained. The plot doesn't require a lot of analysis or contemplation. There are no shocking twists or heart-stopping action. It is a sweet story about a father struggling with his little girl growing up. Both father and daughter have lessons to learn about being honest with each other and really sharing what is on their minds. Thanks to Dutton for providing me with an advance reader's copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.


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