Thursday, August 16, 2007

cell phone

I answered my cell phone while driving this week.

OK, OK, you all are saying, "No big deal. What's WRONG with you?"
As previously mentioned, I have cell phone issues so this was a big deal to me. When it has rang before when I've been driving I've made whoever was a passenger at the time answer it. This week I had no passenger and had to answer my own phone. I always swore I'd never be one of those people driving while talking on the phone. I was very close to my destination, though, and we aren't talking city traffic here, so it was a good first experience.
Guess who it was?

If you guessed my brother, you are correct. It was my brother. My brother seems to have this sixth sense that tells him when I'm at the bank (he's called twice when I've been IN the bank and I've only been inside 3 times) or out driving. When I've been driving in the past, I've had a passenger answer the phone. He finally caught me alone, driving, with the cell phone. I answered it while driving. I turned into a parking lot and parked the car while on the phone. I walked into the store, while on the phone. As I maneuvered the cart into the aisle, the first two people I saw were on their cell phones in the store.

I am now part of the "in" crowd. I'm up-to-speed. I'm on top of it. I'm a cell phone user. I didn't even giggle this time. And, I even tried to put a couple cucumbers into a bag while on the phone. - OK, THAT looked a little freaky 'cus I was having trouble getting the bag open and looked, as my family likes to call it, "special".

(The tag "special" became common usage for us when a hair stylist wanted to know if my son was "special" because he was having a difficult time saying how he wanted his hair cut and kept looking at me. The only problem was he was14 at the time and certainly old enough to tell her how he wanted his hair cut. Some of you will remember the story. He had been going to a barber before that and at the barbers you get to say "Give me the usual." or "I need a hair cut." and he cuts the hair without asking tricky questions.)

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Memories of yesterday said...

I giggle for you! :D he he I am currently learning that just because the cell phone rings, I don't have to answer it. Yes, it is a widely unknown secret. LOL :D