Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cheez Waffies

The old package from Here.

Here is another place to see men and their Cheez Waffies.

Alas, the Waffies are no longer sold in this area.
Apparently Wise Foods has limited their distribution to the East coast. Why the rest of the country deserves this cruel and inhuman treatment is beyond comprehension.

The new package from Here

We may have to ask relatives on the East coast to have pity on us and send us Cheez Waffies. We'll pay.... oh how we'll pay....


just me said...

Yes, we will pay- both with money, and with our pride.

Kevin Bradley said...

Still living in Independence. I wondered why I could no longer find Waffies! ARGHHHH! Now I'm sad.

Unknown said...

You can buy a case of 30 for $85 from the wise foods web site - just click the "Order Online at Ebay" link.

Kevin Bradley said...

Jeff, I'll check that out! Thanks!

Lori L said...

LOL! Thank you for providing this information to the Cheez Waffie fans out there. I knew about bulk purchases by mail... however I'm not sure that I personally want a case of 30 bags of Cheez Waffies sitting around the house. I will forward this snacking update to my husband, the Snack King.

Fantabular said...

I sell Cheez Waffies in my Ebay store:

And will soon start in Amazon too.

Here's my Facebook group that I started recently:

-brian =)

Fantabular said...

I just bought ""

So it should be up and running by Sunday, Jan 25th =)