Friday, August 3, 2007


Before moving, we had discussed with friends the odd people we saw at Wal-mart at night. I've been to the Wal-mart here a couple times after 9 PM and it's nothing like Reno. First, since we're in a big university town, many of the late nighters seem to be college kids or young adults (who are seriously shopping - not just hanging out). Then there seem to be many everyday, normal folks who are just picking up things in the evening. Not one freaky person at all.

We were all sort of freaky in the bank this week though. My son, and I needed accounts opened. We finally settled on what bank and went into a branch office where a nice young college student helped us. FYI: I had just renewed my NV driver's licenses online before moving, sovit has this  renewal sticker on the back. That always seems to throw people for a loop. (I was questioned about that at the airport too.) At the bank she thought at first that 
my driver's license was expired. Then they have these homeland security questions they need to ask. I had to pause and think before answering all of them. Hopefully she chalked that up to old age and assumed I needed extra time to process information.

When it was time for my son to open up his account, he was all indecisive. We had no idea approximately how much money he'd be depositing in a year. He has no job, but may get money back at the end of the college school year from scholarships. He may get a job. We don't know. We knew we were going to be making deposits from our account to his so he could pay for his gas and lunch from his account. We all had to come up with a number. Then, when he had to type in his password for online banking he kept having to retype it because he wasn't able to get it right the second time. We all sat there as he tried repeatedly to get the same code in both boxes until I finally said "Make it simpler." After a couple more tries he got it right. He also got signed up for his first credit card. It's a student card; the bank wisely gave him a $300 limit.

Just before we were done (and I'm sure the young woman was wanting us out of there at this point) I got a phone call. I'm still intimidated by my cell phone, but I had remembered to bring it. The problem was that I didn't recognize that it was MY cell phone ringing. I was looking around to see whose phone was ringing. Once I figured out it was mine, I fumbled to find it in order to answer it. It was my brother. I said hi and told him we were at the bank. Then I started to giggle because answering my cell phone always makes me giggle. I know I need to overcome this reaction, but, alas, I giggled. My brother told us it was hot wings night in town and asked if we wanted to go out for wings... so I asked, as we were still finishing up at the bank, "Do we want to go out for hot wings?" and giggled.

We finally got out the door of the bank, with me still giggling while trying to talk to my brother. "Could we BE any more freaky?"

You know, I'm not sure that we could, but I imagine we'll give it another try sometime...


just me said...

I bet that I'll be there to join the fun next time, too.

just me said...

Speaking of Wal-mart, I've got a freaky story from there . . . actually, I've got several freaky stories. The more I think about it, the more freaky stories I think of. Now I think I'll go post some on my blog-

Memories of yesterday said...

ROFL That so sounds like something I would do. :D

Jane said...

I should call you to see if you giggle when you answer!