Thursday, August 23, 2007

cell phones part 2

We had to trade in our old cell phones for different ones this week because the previous provider wasn't exactly providing stellar cell phone service. In other words: they was very bad. This has been traumatic for me since I was finally starting to accept and make peace with the old cell phone. The new one is different, with different buttons and gizmos. Have you ever seen a grown woman start to cry at the cell phone store? I was tearing up at the pressure involved in switching service. The sales woman wasn't making it any easier.

As we were about to enter the cell phone place,  we started to discuss a family cell phone plan with the gross, nasty... err, um... cordiality challenged sales woman and it all turned mean. She was pushing for ME to make the cell phone decisions. She was trying to sell ME accessories we didn't need. She was ready to just set us up with phones in under 5 minutes and I was feeling that deer-in-the-headlights panic hitting me full on as I kept looking around. I kept telling her, "I'm not the one who is making these decisions. I'm the last one here that you should be asking these questions to, but she pressed on. She had actually grabbed 4 standard phones and was going to set us up with numbers while telling me how much it was going to cost to activate each phone.

We finally managed to get away from her.  Just me had specific requirements for the phone she wanted. My son and I didn't care. We talked to an older sales man who was likely the manager. He dropped some activation fees. He didn't force anything on us. He was... ok, for a cell phone guy. We came out of there with new phones, again, and this experience reinforced any and all of my negative feelings toward cell phones and the people who sell them. We're back at square one with me and cell phones. I look at it with mistrust and a tad bit of loathing. It demands to be charged.

My younger brother is helping me learn how to use the new cell phone. He's a great guy. Here is his sage advice:

"Ok Ok, I know I can help! The first step is to never answer the phone when you are located at a bank. The second step would be not to answer when driving. The next steps are to just let the kids answer it at home. Good luck with your endeavors! If you have a flip phone remember when it is ringing, vibrating, or flashing, open it and say, "Hello". To make a call always dial the number and push the green button. With these tools you should have a 95% success rate. Never give up. Remember to set your goals low and you will never be disappointed. Oh, one thing, do you think I can bring my phones over so you can reprogram all the new numbers I have to replace?"

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