Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I-don't-know-how-to-love-him badminton

Since I can’t sing this game must have been Hipee’s idea. There is no conceivable universe where my old-enough-to-know-better self would be saying, “Let’s play ‘bad mitten’ and sing.” This is one of those occurrences where common sense and caution tells you to deny it ever happened but I can’t because there were witnesses.

What we did was exactly what it sounds like. We played badminton while singing “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar.

What was wrong with us?

“Your serve.”

“I iiii… don't know how to- umph - love him. What to do, how to…”

“… moooooove him. Ive been CHANGED, yessss really….”

“…changed. In these paststttttt few days, when I've seen myself..."

“I seem – that was out! My serve - like someone else. – hurumph…”

“I don't know- owwweh- how to take this. I don't …”

“…see why he moves me. –umph- He's a man. He's just…”

“… a man. Annnnnnd I've had so many men before…”

“In very –eryyyyy- many ways, He's just one more.”

“Should I bring him - your serve - dowwwnnn?"

"Should I scream – mmmuph- and shout?"

"Should I speak of – ffffffve - love, Let my feelings…”

“… out? I never –errrrrr- thought I'd come to this. “

“What's it all about? –umph - Don't you think it'ssssss…”

“…sssss rather funny, I iiiiii should be in this positionnnnnnn.”

“I'm the one- uunnnn- “

“Out, my serve - who's always beennnnn ssso calm…”

“… so coolllllllll, nooooo lover's fool, running…”

“… every –eeeeeee- show. He scares me so.”

“I never thought – umph - I'd come to thisssssss.”

“What's it all aboutttttt? Yet, if he said he…”

“… loved me, I'd be lost – osttttt- . I'd be frightened. “

“I couldn't cope – eehhht - just couldn't cope. I'd turn…”

“… my head. I'd –ddddd - back away. I wouldn't want to…”

“… know- oooooooo. He scares me so.

“I want him soooooooo. –“

“I love him soooooooo”

“Want to go again?”


raidergirl3 said...

excellent post! I don't know if I'll ever be able to hear that song again without picturing a badminton game.

My sister and I listened to the album Hair, we didn't have JCSS. There are some bad words in the Hair album that we enjoyed.

Lori L said...

Picture two teens, young teens and one of them with quizzical fashion sense, but teens nonetheless playing badminton and singing about how they've "had so many men before."

I know we didn't have the album so we have no excuses for this behavior.

Jane said...

This made me laugh!

We had a badminton set.
I loved to play.

I don'tthink I ever sang though.
Although I'm smiling thinking of you playing & singing.

Oh happy days....

Lori L said...

Jane, we were just odd. It could explain me today... (love you and your tomatoes!)