Monday, September 21, 2009


Book Examiner Michelle Kerns has another fun article:
This new list is from Mr. Robert McCrum in an article for the Guardian. It is "his list of the most egregious clichés publishers inflict upon book flaps, book jackets, and those press release thingys handed out like candy canes to impressionable young book reviewers."

Cult novel: no publicity to speak of but it got a review in Time Out.

Word-of-mouth sensation: thank God for Amazon.

Multicultural phenomenon: no one can pronounce the author's name.

American bestseller: someone had a long lunch in New York.

Manga novel: a comic book.

Cult manga sensation: a comic book that's won a prize.

Bestselling manga sensation: DreamWorks has bought the film rights.

European sensation: we got drunk at Frankfurt.

Lacerating: excruciating.

Warts and all: a few dirty bits.

Authorised: deadly.

Writing at the peak of his/her powers: basically past it, but who knows?

Long-awaited: we sacked two editors and it's still overdue.

Her masterpiece: she's been around for years and with a bit of luck this one will click.

His masterpiece: we have reached the end of the line with this one, but fingers crossed.

Witty and profound: three jokes and an inexplicable reference to Wittgenstein.

Now, follow Michelle's example and start looking for examples of publisherspeak on all your book jackets today!

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