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Living Courageously

Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid by Joyce Meyer
FaithWords: 9/16/2014

ebook, 272 pages

Fear commonly affects our ability to live fully, holding us back from what enriches our lives and the lives of others. But our quality of life will improve when we learn how to be courageous in the face of fear.
In LIVING COURAGEOUSLY, Joyce Meyer explains how, as Christians, we can overcome the paralyzing power of fear by calling upon the Lord. "Fear not" is written throughout the Bible. God knows His children will be confronted with fear, but He can help us resist it.
It is your inherited right as a child of God to live life to the fullest and to enjoy it. Joyce will encourage you to be expectant as you learn to conquer fear, become all God wants you to be, and do all He wants you to do. With a blend of personal insight and inspiring Scripture, this book will help you employ the power of God to overcome fear and achieve your best.

My Thoughts:

Living Courageously by Joyce Meyer is a very highly recommended book that encourages us on the path to live a victorious and courageous Christian life.

The complete title of Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid explains the basis for this sure-to-be-a-best-seller by Joyce Meyer. She points out that God has promised to go before us and bring us through life victoriously as we obey Him, so we should be living boldly instead of fearfully. Even though we are free, that doesn’t mean that we will never experience or be confronted by fear. It does mean that we do not need to allow it to rule our lives, and if we have to do or face something we fear, we can do it afraid, knowing God goes before us.

Meyer correctly points out that the inherent nature of God is that He is good, He is good all the time, and He will work all things together for our good. We need to live out lives in a positive manner. It is time for us to seriously consider everything that God is doing to protect, provide and help us - our every breath is a gift from God.

The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 gives the reader an "understanding of what fear is, where it comes from, what your attitude toward it should be, and how you can overcome it."
Part 2 discusses some of the more prominent fears that people experience. Even though your specific fear may not be discussed, Meyer provides the key to the tools you need to defeat it. "The best attitude you can have toward fear is, 'I will not fear, and I will do what I need or want to do even if I have to do it afraid!'"

Meyer has a down to earth, conversational style of writing that is easy to follow and understand which makes her teaching very accessible to many people. She shares with candor and honesty several painful, emotional times where fear has ruled her life, but is clear to also credit God for helping her overcome her fear. Meyer is a wonderful teacher and backs up her every thought with scripture. This will be a great resource for a group Bible study.


Chapter 1: Say Good-Bye to Fear
Chapter 2: Right and Wrong Fear
Chapter 3: The Source of Fear
Chapter 4: Phobias
Chapter 5: Cultivating Courage
Chapter 6: Insecurity
 Chapter 7: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Chapter 8: The Creative Power of Fear and Faith
Chapter 9: The Fear of Lack
Chapter 10: The Fear of Losing Control
Chapter 11: The Fear of Not Being Wanted
Chapter 12: The Fear of Being Inadequate
Chapter 13: I Am Afraid I Am Not Doing Enough
Chapter 14: The Fear of Man
Chapter 15: The Fear of the Unknown
Chapter 16: The Fear of Making Mistakes
Chapter 17: The Fear of God’s Anger and Judgment
Chapter 18: The Fear of Intimacy
Chapter 19: Are You Passing Your Fears on to Your Children?
Chapter 20: The Fear of Death
Chapter 21: Do It Afraid!
Scriptures to Help You Overcome Fear
Scriptures About the Power of Faith

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