Saturday, April 28, 2007

Amazon is recommending I purchase the Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants.
I wonder what brought that on?


Anonymous said...

I forsee two possibilities:
1) your current reading obsession
2)Amazon wants you to sell your house quickly and thus giving suggestions to off your competition so that you can return to purchasing enough books to pay the CEO's yearly salaray.

Anonymous said...

you guessed it--published with no proofin. in honor of LJ

Tiffany Todd said...


Jane said...

LOL! On both comments.
And, something in honor of me?!
LOL Because I'm such a good speller & always type with correct grammar usage? ROTFLOL
Because I'm such a grammar queen that I don't need to do any proofin'? LOL

I'm glad to have signed up so I can leave comments. I check in here a few times a week to see what's going on. I love all of your book reviews. You make me want to read more.
And thanks for the Willa Cather recomendation. Will be starting a 3rd book of hers....maybe today.