Tuesday, April 17, 2007

vote no

Our homeowners association has been working on updating and refining the CC&R's for about 4 years now, or basically since we moved here. There was a time about 3 years ago where the revisions had been done by a committee, and then were set aside and subsequently lost by the association board. The new board president is a no-nonsense-get-things-done kind of guy who was on the original revisions committee and he's worked on getting the revisions and updates back in place for the last year.

We received the updated/revised CC&R's last Friday and I was quite happy with them. They're looking good now. Everything is up to date and clearly stated. Apparently, the whole development is not happy with them. Right away one of the houses on a corner put up a huge plywood "Vote No" sign. I saw more neighbors out milling about and talking this weekend and yesterday than I've seen since the last big controversy. You know they are agitated about the new CC&R's. I guess many people would oppose any change, even if it is for the best. The thing is that the new revisions aren't really changes at all. They simply clarify what was already in place.

The ballot you have to send in says either that you are voting "yes" or "no". If you are voting no, it has a place to please explain why. This is hardly anything to waste 2 sheets of plywood over. If they want to vote no, they can do so and say why on their ballot. Why on earth would they put up a huge "vote no" sign for the rest of us?

I'm almost scared to answer the door until the deadline for voting passes because I fully expect the troops to be out protesting door to door. There are several busybodies in our development that love to do things like that - go door to door trying to stir up trouble. I can't for the life of me figure out what exactly that family is so upset about... We're think we should hurry up and vote yes, then when someone stops by "just to visit" we can say we've already voted. Maybe we'll mention that if they have a problem with the changes, they are free to vote no and say why they don't like them. It's hardly worth getting upset over.

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Memories of yesterday said...

Oh, it was like that around here for a bit. Neighborhoods are funny creatures. Maybe you should get some plywood and paint vote yes on it? :D