Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Monkeys and Idols

We have 3 flying, screaming Woot monkeys at our house.
Yes, I am feeling fine and no, the coffee creamer wasn't past it's expiration date.
Here's a picture of the screaming Woot monkey:

I haven't been a huge American Idol fan. I saw a couple shows last year and a few more this year. Rather than focusing on Simon's "mean" comments or Randy's comments, which both actually have some basis in fact and show some thought, or looking at Ryan's total inane hosting abilities, let's consider Paula. I think Paula's comments are completely worthless drivel that mean nothing. What is she even contributing to the show? Every time I've watch Idol I haven't heard one intelligent thing come out of her mouth. At least Randy will tell them if they are "pitchy" and sometimes kindly let them know that their performance wasn't good. Simon may come across as mean, but I think he's just blunt and honest. Paula, though... That girl maybe has continuously had some bad creamer in her coffee.


Tiffany Todd said...

Poor Paula definitely has problems. Your hubby's wooting kills me

Memories of yesterday said...

Buty our dress is just perfect, and your hair is adorable. :D