Monday, April 9, 2007


I have a new appreciation for those bloggers who post something every day. I can tell I won't be one of them.

There is a fun little game going around the blogging world. I first read it at Joshilyn's and Dana's blogs. What you do is google your name with either needs or wants, etc after it. By the time I googled "Lori needs" many, many other "Lori"s had already done it. Apparently this has been going on since December 2006, so I was getting their lists. I decided instead to just take interesting bits from various sites instead of sticking strictly with the wants or needs.

If you have a vacation home, frequent flyer miles, a private jet, etc., Lori needs them, please get in touch with her.

I think the flavor of the message from Lori was a little bit more condenscending than is helpful to anyone... I think Lori needs to step out into the experiences of others and use that to make an attitude change

Lori has not received a fair trial, and no evidence has been presented to prove her guilt

Lori has lived her life with her sister being the perfect person, beautiful, sweet, charming, and loved by their drunken mother. Lori has spent years coming to terms with the jealousy of her sister and, finally, accepting and loving her, yet still uncertain whether she herself is worthy of love too.

Miss Lori always greets her young viewers by saying "hello" in a different language... Whenever Miss Lori needs something, she can always count on the Purple Possibility Bag to have it, and more!

Lori must exercise all diligence to protect her beloved children.

Lori needs to update the evaluation questionnaire to include a distinction between hearing about the workshop through the purple handout and the yellow sign.

Lori needs to refine her vocals a bit. The raw talent is there, but she needs some more control.

Lori's unexplainable attraction to the stranger coupled with a chance meeting with a Catholic priest lead her on a hunt to discover the story behind the tattered stranger and why he happened to collapse at her cottage.

Things Lori needs to bring... Balloons, Bingo cards, Coffee maker, Cold meat sandwiches, Potato Salad, Relish Tray, Favors

Lori needs to pick up the permit yet.

To be successful in 2007, Lori needs your help today!... Host an event at my home to introduce Lori to my neighbors... Invite Lori to speak to my church or community organization

"We have a toilet in the trailer...We’re not animals…Lori needs to keep her wits about her, especially after too many White Russians."

Lori is still working out the details, but is confident her "Shock & Awe" plan will be a goldmine.

Lori needs at least a weeks notice if you want her to travel to Costa Rica.

Lazy Lori needs to disappear.

Lori doesn't really want to tell her mom that she's mad over her speech (since she said things about Lori) but she does want to let out her anger toward her mom and let her know how she feels. I think that Lori should take it easy on her mother. I mean, come on! Although "personal" things about Lori may have been said in the speech, Lori needs to cut her mom some slack. . . I think Lori secretly has a goal of getting along with her Mom but she just needs to spend more time with her."

Lori tells him that she's pregnant... Lori says that Karl must think she's an idiot for getting herself into a mess.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, I knew that about you and white russians.
How you ask? I have my ways.

PS--i think spell check changed all your "googles" to "goggle" and it made me laugh.

Lori L said...

LOL! I fixed the goggles back to googles.

bloomwyp said...

Lori needs to wear a sweater because it is going to snow.