Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dead Run

Dead Run by Erica Spindler was originally published in 2002. My paperback copy is 466 pages. This mystery by Spindler was better than the previous one, although the question of "who dunnit" was still predictable. Nice and easy summer read.

Synopsis from back cover:
"I'm in trouble, Liz. I've uncovered something . . . They're watching . . ."

That panicked message on her answering machine is the last time Liz Ames hears from her sister Rachel, pastor of Paradise Christian Church in Key West, Florida.

Compelled to uncover the truth about her sister's disappearance, she heads to Key West. Within hours of her arrival a successful banker jumps to his death. Then a teenage girl whom Rachel was counseling is found brutally
murdered. The ritualistic style of the killing is hauntingly similar to that used by the notorious "New Testament" serial killer - now on death row.

Could the teen's murder be related to Rachel's disappearance? Is a copycat killer at work? And why do the police refuse to help?

For answers, Liz turns to Rick Wells, a former Miami cop who worked the fringes of the "New Testament" investigation. Together they peel away layers of deception to reveal a terrifying adversary - and the unspeakable evil at the heart of this island paradise.

"She shrank back from the ground-floor window, retreating to the absolute darkness of the room once more. She didn't wan them, the ones who watched, to suspect what she was up to. They were coming for her" pg. 11

"Your sister has disappeared, Ms. Ames. We'd hoped you might be able to offer us a clue as to her whereabouts." pg. 18

"The older wives get, the less of a sense of humor they have" pg. 31

"As she shut the door and turned, her gaze landed on a sheet of folded paper on the floor by her feet....A simple message had been typed on the first line of the notebook paper:
They know. You're in danger here. Go before it's too late." pg. 105

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