Tuesday, June 17, 2008

High Five

High Five by Janet Evanovich was originally published in 1999. My paperback copy is 317 pages.
Synopsis from the back cover:
" In her fifth high-octane thriller, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum sets out to find her missing uncle - and along the way smacks slam-bang into: a dead body, a nasty bookie, her stun-gun-toting grandmother, two very sexy men, and angry little man who won't leave her apartment, and a Mafia wedding...Jersey's favorite bounty hunter has never been better! With high hair, street smarts and plenty of attitude, Steph's sure to nail this case - or risk her life and spandex-clad limb trying..."


"When I was a little girl I used to dress Barbie up without underpants. On the outside, she'd look like the perfect lady. Tasteful plastic heels, tailored suit. But underneath, she was naked." pg. 1

"Isn't this a pip?" Grandma said."I bet he was beamed up by aliens." pg. 9

"Certain proprieties were observed in the Burg. No matter that your husband was kidnapped by aliens, visitors were offered coffee cake." pg. 11

"The man's been a philandered all his life. I don't know how Mabel put up with it."
"Booze," Grandma said. pg. 19

"My mother always irons during times of disaster. Some people drink, some take drugs. My mother irons." pg.'s 305

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