Friday, June 20, 2008


Liar by Jan Burke was originally published in 1998. My paperback copy is 388 pages. This is number 6 in the Irene Kelly Series. (Goodnight Irene was number 1.) This later mystery in the series was better than the first.

A note about these mystery series: Since all the mysteries I will be reading for awhile this summer were given to me, I won't necessarily be reading a whole series. Unless something is truly extraordinarily good, I'm not planning to purchase any missing books of any one series. However, I will try to read the books in the order in which they were published. While I enjoy mysteries as casual reading, I wouldn't call myself a huge mystery fan.

Synopsis from back cover:

Investigative reporting has its hazards, but trouble hits home for Irene Kelly when her estranged aunt is murdered--and Irene becomes the leading suspect. With the police hot on her trail, Irene sets out to find cousin Travis, her dead aunt's son, convinced he's the next target.
But when Irene finds Travis, a camper-driving children's storyteller with suspiciously deep pockets, things blow up--literally. It takes several brushes with death, staying one step ahead of the law, and a few not-so-sweet reunions for Irene to untangle a complex web of family secrets and long-held grudges, and discover just who is killing off the Kelly clan--and why.


"I don't want to give the impression that my sister, Barbara, is a liar. I will admit that I have long thought that her flair for melodrama has been wasted on her usual audience, a family that has more often called for the hook than begged for an encore." pg. 1

"I've never felt what some people feel when they visit graves - what Barbara feels. She feels closer to my mother when she's here." pg. 9

"For most of the weekend, I said, "I've been doing whatever someone else wanted me to do. The results have not been great. Childish though it undoubtedly is, right now I just want to have a really good pout." pg. 68

"I was as much a Maguire as I was a Kelly. It was time to stop letting my father's prejudices ruin any chance of getting closer to my cousin." pg. 127

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