Sunday, June 1, 2008

Home to Holly Springs

Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon was originally published in 2007. My hardcover copy has 356 pages. Technically this doesn't matter since I read to about page 150, skimmed ahead to see what exactly happened, and then set the book aside with great relief. I enjoyed Karon's Mitford series as light summer reading, but found this book almost painfully boring and tedious. Sorry Mitford fans but this books gets a rating of 0. I was unable to finish it (in a conventional way.)

From Publishers Weekly At Amazon:
Karon.... introduces a new series featuring Father Tim. The beloved Episcopal priest returns to his childhood town of Holly Springs, Miss., where he reconnects with old friends and battles some old demons. The novel is thick with Father Tim's past, as Karon uses flashbacks to shed light on his early adulthood, especially his transition to seminary.....Yet the book is far from perfect. Development of the quirky locals in Holly Springs is thin, and the end is a tad abrupt. Most frustratingly, the central drama of the novel falls flat: Father Tim discovers a long-buried family secret, but he doesn't grapple deeply enough with the emotional consequences of his discovery, nor does Karon fully explore the ways in which the secret plunges us into the Southern quagmire of race. Still, Mitford fans will enjoy this newest visit with wise, winsome, lovable Father Tim. (Oct. 30) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Jane said...

I have never read the Midford series, but I keep meaning to check the first one out at the of these days...