Saturday, June 21, 2008


Undercurrents by Ridley Pearson was originally published in 1988. My peperback copy has 435 pages. After several pages, I figured out that I had already read this novel about detective Lou Boldt's search for a serial killer years ago. I tried to reread it but just couldn't. I still don't really care for Pearson's writing style -100 pages is as far as I could force myself to read.

"The killings had started again; that was all that mattered." pg. 1

"He, better than most, understood the importance of the crime scene and the need to get there quickly. Any disturbance at the crime scene could throw him off." pg. 2

"At the ore of his uneasiness with the job was the uncovering of people's private lives. Murder has a way, he thought, of unwrapping the package and leaving exposed all those private nuances and secrets people spend a lifetime hiding. With no time to bury these secrets, a murder victim is left unmasked, horribly vulnerable, and all too human." pg. 13

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