Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Fair Warning

Fair Warning by Michael Connelly
Little, Brown and Company: 5/26/20
eBook review copy; 416 pages

Fair Warning by Michael Connelly is a highly recommended procedural featuring reporter Jack McEvoy.

Jack McEvoy is a veteran reporter who is now working for FairWarning, an online news site that focuses on protecting consumers from fraud. When Christina (Tina) Portrero, a woman he had a one night stand with a year ago is murdered, the police question him as a person of interest. Jack learns she was killed by internal decapitation, meaning her head was twisted 180 degrees. He also learns she took a DNA test through a company called GT23 and that she felt she had a stalker. Even after the police ordered him to stop his investigation, Jack continues looking into other women who were murdered or died in the same way Tina did and their connection to GT23. It becomes clear that a killer has been hunting women using genetic data from their DNA to target them.

The well-written complex plot focuses on the very real unregulated genetic testing industry and the abuses that could potentially result from the lack of oversight. As the plot moves briskly along, the investigation quickly reveals leads that result in actions and revelations. The investigation is compelling and follows several trails to piece together the clues leading to the final heart stopping denouement. The procedural details are a pleasure to follow.

The roles of the characters are clearly defined and they all interact in a realistic manner as they essentially all act in support for (or opposition to) Jack's investigation. I have not read the previous novels featuring Jack McEvoy, but I feel like I was brought up to speed and enjoyed this solid, intelligent procedural. The pages flew by as the action unfolded and there were some frightening disclosures about the genetic testing industry and how that once that DNA is given it can be sold and resold.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Little, Brown and Company.

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