Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Quiet Girl

The Quiet Girl by S. F. Kosa
Sourcebooks: 8/11/20
review copy; 384 pages

The Quiet Girl by S. F. Kosa is a highly recommended psychological thriller.

Alex Zarabian knew it was love at first sight when he met his new wife, Mina Richards, at a book signing. Now the two have had a disagreement and Alex arrives in Provincetown to make amends to Mina. He is surprised to find Mina absent from her cottage and her wedding ring in a bowl on her desk. Alex searches for her and then files a missing person report to the police, who believe she left on her own. Alex, though, is certain that Mina had a secret and he needs to discover it to find her. While looking for Mina, Alex encounters Layla, a young woman who may have information, but one who also can't recall her own past. Alex needs to discover what Layla knows in order to find Mina.

The novel follows two different storylines. One is Alex's first person account of his search for Mina and the other is Layla's story, a woman who is suffering from memory loss and facing a murderer. The two dueling narratives are presented in alternating chapters and appear to be two different realities. The novel does start out slow and the interjections of Alex's stress and problems at work while he is looking for Mina seem to be an unnecessary distraction. Once the story picks up the pace and the more information about Mina's past Alex uncovers, however, the novel becomes more complicated and begins to grab your attention.

This is truly a complicated psychological thriller where the end game will be hard to guess. There are plenty of secrets to be uncovered and shocking revelations that will be exposed along the way. The whole novel is a twisty tale of secrets, deception, lies, and excuses that need to be uncovered to figure out what is really happening.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Sourcebooks.

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