Thursday, February 18, 2021

Falling from Trees

Falling from Trees by Mike Fiorito
2/9/21; 136 pages
Apprentice House

Falling from Trees by Mike Fiorito is a recommended slim collection of short stories which all have science fiction elements.

These very brief speculative stories explore consciousness, identity, climate change, and the human condition. The collection consists of all soft science fiction stories with the focus more on the concept than the actual science. Admittedly, I generally appreciate hard science fiction stories more than the softer conceptual variety. The stories presented are also almost too brief. An interesting idea/concept/setting/character is introduced in a brief narrative, grabs your attention, and then it's over. Smith is the only recurring character who makes an appearance in four stories. The collection is entertaining and a quick read, while the success of the actual content of the stories was rather hit or miss for me.


Climbing Time  - Those with Asperger's lead the way when an alien species communicates through them.
The Love of a Dandelion - Colin loves drawing yellow suns.
The Thread - Aliens contact a man and tell him of their plans to save humans.
Twilight - The earth is annihilated with just a few random survivors.
Tiny Blue Oceans - A man is hopeful to overcome problems and find a way home as his capsule drifts between the earth and the moon.
Simulacrum - Roberto visits Lourdes.
Slow Time -  We follow the actions of a half man living with/in nature.
The Unending -  A man who lives by the tracks takes an odd late night ride on a train.
Everybody’s Perfect, Nobody’s Human -  A man attends a week long corporate event. Work will set you free.
The Purest Rain - A crew who left Earth evolves into one consisting of pure thought.
All of The Days - A couple is offered to have their son remain 6 forever.
The Three Bridges - An astrophysicist meets a magician.
The Long Way - Philip stops at the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.
A Star in Time - Willy and Smith talk about what they are going to do.
The Numbers Man -Smith walks into  Monroe's bar.
The Productions of Time - Smith visits the beach on the ocean.
Earth to Earth -Smith visits the Mojave desert.
Pale Leviathan - The heat is unbearable as climate change marches on.
Skies of Hell Flames - A dysfunctional couple drinks and argues.
Tomorrow’s Ghost -Liddy has reoccurring dreams of an alien while his wife is away at a climate conference.
Storytime - Twlf reads a story about earth to her son Pflx.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes from Apprentice House and TLC

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Sara Strand said...

Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

Debra Eliotseats said...

I agree. I found some stories that resonated and some that definitely did not. I had the hardest time with the "connected" stories of the alien Smith.