Tuesday, November 2, 2021

National Geographic The 21st Century

National Geographic The 21st Century: Photographs From the Image Collection
11/2/21; 400 pages
National Geographic

National Geographic The 21st Century: Photographs From the Image Collection is a very highly recommended diverse collection of the best National Geographic photos from 2000-2021. The 21 years of photos are organized into four chapters by years. Chapter 1 covers 2000-2005; Chapter 2 covers 2006-2010; Chapter 3 covers 2011-2015; and Chapter 4 covers 2016-2021. The photos from this time span also represent new advancements in photography, including innovations in digital, drone, and smartphone photography. National Geographic has always represented the absolute best in photography from across the world, showcasing natural wonders, animals, and humans.

Over the years I still recall many National Geographic photos that depicted scenes of incredible beauty and wonder, global sites, and people from around the world which all captured my heart and imagination. National Geographic The 21st Century: Photographs From the Image Collection is a wonderful continuation of this long tradition of excellence. The photos presented all include the name of the photographer, the year of the photo and a brief description or information about the photo.

Some photos of natural wonders that are noteworthy for me include: Diane Cook and Len Jenshel, students standing in front of a Montezuma cypress (with a circumference of 119 feet); Jim Richardson, the Isle of Staffa, Scotland, basalt pillars in Fingal's Cave; Michael Melford, Alaska, the Gates of the Arctic National Park; Joel Santore, Sofala Province, Mozambique, a pair of blue waxbills; Carsten Peter, New South Wales, Australia, ferns in Claustral Canyon; Andrea Marshall, Mozambique, jellyfish and brittle stars; Nick Upton, a harvest mouse on a hogweed flower; Randy Olson, sandhill cranes on the Platte River; Brent Stirton, Democratic Republic of the Congo, part of a herd of 600 elephants.

Photos capturing the human condition include: Lynn Johnson's 2001 photo of first responders on September 11th; Jody Cobb, female slaves in Bihar, India, balancing dozens of bricks on their heads; Mike Hettwer, exhibition workers finishing a replica of a 50 foot long Spinosaurus aegyptiacus; Dave Yoder, archaeologist at the Lost City of the Monkey God; Andrea Frazzetta, three generations of women preparing culurgiones.

Obviously I do tend to gravitate more to the natural and animal photos. At the end of the book is an index of the contributors, acknowledgements, and illustration credits. This is an amazing collection of photos. Although every single photo may not resonate for everyone, the wide variety of photos will surely please most people. This would make a wonderful gift.

Disclosure: I received an advanced reading copy of this book from the publisher/author and TLC Book Tours. 



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