Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Gone in Seconds

Gone in Seconds by Ed James
Bookouture; 6/12/20

review copy; 356 pages
Max Carter series #2

Gone in Seconds by Ed James is a recommended suspense novel and the second in the FBI Agent Max Carter series.

Wealthy couple and new philanthropists Landon and Jennifer Bartlett are out at a benefit when their five week old son, Ky, is stolen from his crib. The couple is beside themselves, so perhaps the fight between Landon and his brother Chase is understandable, or is it? FBI Agent Max Carter investigates child abduction cases and he is called in to find young Ky, but the case seems to have more angles than is obvious at the start. There may be some kind of tie to the Russian mafia, and could the brother's dubious business deals somehow be connected to the kidnapping.

Readers will know right from the start that a young woman named Kaitlyn has kidnapped Ky, although we don't know why. She seems to care for the baby, but she seemingly has little planned as far as her escape beyond the kidnapping. We don't know the why until later in the novel and then it makes some sense. She also has some mysterious helper assisting her in her escape.
The story will hold your attention, especially as you will want to know why the baby was taken and also some explanation for everything that is going on in the novel. There is a lot more going on than just a kidnapping. This is also a definite second in a series and James does little to assist a new reader jumping into the series at book two. Jumping into book two will mean you are missing background information and helpful character development. Additionally, Max isn't a very likeable character and I'm thinking book one would likely add some more depth and humanity to his character.
Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Bookouture.

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